A Center for Art

Medieval Village of Garessio

Garessio is a quiet village that attracts artists. The village was once at the crossroads of the salt trade from the Mediterranean Sea to Northern Europe. Its past can still be felt as the Borgo Antico has been preserved as it once was.

Surrounded by Art and Architecture

The Village of Garessio was an important location for a Dominican monastery and university. Once ruled by the Marchese of Ceva and the Spinola Family from the Kingdom of Genova, there are fine examples of art and architecture throughout the village.

Nestled in the Ligurian Alps

Garessio is located in the Ligurian Alps.  And easy drive from the Milan, Torino, Genova and Nice airports. Surrounded by mountains, it is a paradise for walking and cycling. The Mediterranean Sea is just a forty minute drive away. The famous UNESCO world heritage Langhe wine region is twenty minutes down the road.  France is an hour away. 


Via Vivalda 8

Garessio Italy 12075