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Wines from the Ligurian Alps

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Located at eight hundred meters above sea level and in the Ligurian Alps, our vineyard benefits from the  warm air from the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean Sea is located just over the mountain pass.

We are a small boutique winery that produces bollicine wines.



What is assemblage? In simple terms, it’s the art of blending different lots of base wines to create a unique final blend or cuvee. 

We have broken with tradition in Italy, Using antique vines once grown in the Tanaro Valley we

are creating wines unique to the Ligurian Alps.

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We specialize in high altitude antique vines once planted in the Ligurian Alps. 

The original vines for making wine were brought to Europe by the Saracens from the Middle East as they settled the Mediterranean Sea coastal areas.  These vines were transported inland and can still be found in the Ligurian Alps.